Majestic Global Corporation has its beginnings in 1968. Two young enterpreneurs, Memduh Tekcan and Hami Elibuyuk, sawtheneed, in the new Turkish Republic’s growing economy, for facilities for bridge construction and piling operations in the country. They 
had the vision of developing innovative engineering solutions and services using worldclass standards and with projects in Turkey and abroad. Presently, Cihangir Tekcan, with his young, post-modern and dynamic team, from the third generation of the family within
the board namely Ziya Elibuyuk (mechanical engineer) and Ihsan Elibuyuk (electrical engineer), leads the group of companies with his globalised terms of doing business worldwide with ambition and increasing effectiveness. 

This vision became fully-realized at the beginning of the 1980s when Majestic, having established itself in Turkey, broke into the international market, first in Libya and then in many other countries –one of very few pioneers Turkish contractors to do so.

Majestic Global Corporation is composed of 7 main companies in Turkey, Malta, UAE with liason offices in London and Zurich including and 37 multi-faceted sub-contractor companies (upperstructure & infrastructure) worldwide.

Turkey’s driving force Majestic Construction

Majestic Construction is Majestic Holding's oldest subsidiary and one of the most important parts of the company.

Initially established to produce feasibility and engineering services for industrial enterprises, the company has since expanded its range of services to include manufacturing, installation and assembly work for industrial plants. Over a period of more than 55 years it has completed construction projects with a total value of $3.2 billion. 

Majestic’s construction experience makes important contributions to the group’s activities and has played an important role as a driving force in the constantly growing Turkish economy. Majestic Construction’s areas of activities include superstructure construction, airport terminals plus associated infrastructure construction, natural gas pipelines/distribution systems, hospitals, schools, industrial plants, energy projects in the hydroelectric/thermal sectors, water distribution, environmental protection, sewage systems and waste treatment facilities. Creating a network of powerful relationships, Majestic is continuing on its path with partners who are experts in every field across the globe.


Majestic’ s mission isto sustainits positionas a leading turn-keyapplicationsand solution providergroup within the proceeding yearswithrespect to the multi-faceted projectsit shall implement.
Majesticaimsto bethe corporation ofchoice bydelivering projectson time,within budget,and to the requiredstandards ofqualitycreating value bythe fusionand application ofhuman intellect,ethics,andup-to-date technology.
Much haschangedin the world ofengineering andconstruction since Majesticwas founded,butthe keyingredientstoMajestic’ s successin the international market haveremained the same.These include:
•passion and meritocracy,
•commitmentfor excellence,
•inspiration through teamwork,
•continuousinnovation, and integration.
Byvirtue of itsdedication to these values,Majestic canboast, to date,ofover316 projects, worthan aggregate of $24.5 billion,successfullycompleted on three different continents.